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Planning Department

By facilitating planning for appropriate growth, development, and redevelopment, for residential, business, public, and recreational facilities, the Planning Department will promote a more livable, attractive, and economically vibrant community.

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Active Planning Board Agenda Items

Applications and amendments that the Planning Board is currently considering: linked site plans are from original applications only, for updated plans please contact the planning department.


Applicant Reference Name Plat Lot(s) Street Address Short Description Original Submitted Plan Meeting Date Meeting
Mark Brennan Mitchell’s Lane Master Plan 124 13, 14, 14a, 15 430 Mitchell’s Lane 11-lot major subdivision  Site Plan dated 4-14-2017 submitted with application 11/8/2017 6pm

Council Chambers

Public Informational Meeting
National Grid National Grid Pole Storage Plan Review 118 27B 12 Turner Rd.  Site re-development  Site Plan dated 9-20-2017 10/11/2017 
Eugene Goldstein Prospect Ave. Preliminary and Final Plan 121NW 66-A 0.3 Miles East of Prospect / Aquidneck 8-lot major subdivision Site Plan dated 8-22-2017 11/8/2017 6pm

Council Chambers

Public Hearing
McDonalds Associates, LLC McDonalnds Redevelopment  113 15A 288 East Main Road Waiver Request from certain design standards Exterior Design Plans Submitted 8/23/2017 11/8/2017 6pm

Council Chambers

Public Hearing
Ronald Corriveau Corriveau Subdivision 113 160A 566 East Main Road 2-lot minor subdivision Site Plan dated 8/02/2017 11/8/2017 6pm

Council Chambers



 Reference Name Short Description

(see public notice page for more details)

Meeting Date Meeting


Agricultural Overlay Draft: review and discussion of possible agricultural business overlay district to help maintain working farms TBD Public Meeting
Bulk Zoning Draft: discuss potential options for zoning amendments to provide for residential building size limitations 10/17/2017
Council Chambers
Public Meeting
Mixed Use Development Draft: discuss proposed zoning ordinance amendments to allow for mixed-use development in the general business (GB) and limited business (LB) zoning districts 11/2/2017
Council Chambers
Public Meeting

Copies of proposed plans and amendments are available for viewing in the Town Planner’s office, Town Hall, 350 East Main Rd., between the hours of 8:00am & 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Agendas of the Middletown Planning Board are posted on the RI Secretary of State open meetings page.

Planning Board minutes are available via the Middletown Town Clerk’s online database: Clerkbase.

Monthly Planning Board meetings are videotaped and can be viewed on the Planning Board’s web page.


Contact Information

Ronald M. Wolanski, AICP
Director of Planning & Economic Development

Phone 1 (401) 849-4027
Fax (401) 845-0414

350 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842