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Planning Department

Public Notice

Use the links below to access information regarding proposed amendments to the Middletown Zoning Ordinance, the Middletown Rules & Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land, and the Middletown Comprehensive Community Plan.

Limited Business Zoning District 

The board will accept suggestions for potential future zoning ordinance amendments regarding uses and dimensional regulations for properties located in the Limited Business (LB) zoning district on Thursday, September 21, 2017, at 6:00 PM Town Hall – Town Council Chambers 350 East Main Road, Middletown, RI

Conservation Development 

Proposed revisions to the Zoning Ordinance and the subdivision and land development regulations to clarify the intent of the density limitations. In May 2017 the Planning Board voted to forward a positive recommendation on the proposed amendments to the Middletown Town Council for consideration.

Mixed-Use Development

Proposed zoning ordinance amendments to allow for mixed-use development in the general business (GB) and limited business (LB) zoning districts.

Bulk Zoning

Proposed zoning ordinance amendments to provide for residential building size limitations for lots under 10,000 square feet.

West Main Road Zoning Map Amendment

The Middletown Planning Board recommended to the Town Council five amendments to the Zoning Map necessary to bring zoning designations of certain properties into conformance with the Future Land Use Plan of the Middletown Comprehensive Community Plan. Three of the amendments have been adopted, one zoning amendment for West Main Road is remaining and scheduled to be considered by the Town Council in the coming months.