Planning Department

2014 Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that guides the town’s physical development. It promotes appropriate land use while considering impacts on the natural environment, providing for public facilities and services, promoting a range of housing choices and economic development options, and preserving the town’s quality of life.

The new plan was drafted by the Planning Department with guidance provided by the Planning Board and the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee over the course of several years, including 70+ meetings. Following public workshops and hearings held during the summer of 2014 the Draft Comprehensive Plan was approved by the Planning Board on September 10, 2014 and forwarded to the Town Council for further consideration.

On March 2, 2015, the Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Middletown Town Council and was amended on November 16, 2015. On June 15, 2020 the Town Council adopted an amendment to the Future Land Use Plan Map L-4.


Map C-1 Historic & Archeological Resources
Map N-1 Elevation
Map N-2 Hydric Soils
Map N-3 Agricultural Soils
Map N-4 Surface Water & Watersheds
Map N-5 Flood Hazard Areas
Map N-6 Forested Areas & Wetlands
Map N-7 CRMC Water Type Classification
Map N-8 Greenways
Map R-1 Recreation, Conservation & Open Space
Map R-2 Conserved Lands
Map E-1 Active and Conserved Farms
Map T-1 Public Transit
Map T-2 Pedestrian & Bicycle Transportation
Map T-3 Highway Functional Classification
Map T-4 Road Jurisdiction
Map F-1 Town Properties & Facilities
Map F-2 Sewer System
Map F-3 Water Service
Map L-1 Land Use 2025
Map L-2 Existing Land Use
Map L-3 Zoning
Map L-4 Future Land Use, Amended June 15, 2020
Map L-5 Potential Zoning Map Changes