Planning Department


The Department serves as an informational office for residents, developers and business owners providing access to Town regulations, and offering guidance, and coordinating with the Planning Board and Zoning Officer to ensure proper development patterns throughout the Town.

Staff work directly with the Planning Board and Town Council on short-term concerns, such as plan reviews and permitting, and long-range planning issues, such as revision and implementation of the Middletown Comprehensive Community Plan. The Department is also responsible for carrying out economic development activities of the town, and staffs the Middletown Economic Development Advisory Committee (MEDAC).

The objective of the Planning Department is to facilitate orderly development in town and promote economic development, which is in keeping with the goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan, and to provide guidance and advice to the Town Council, Planning Board and other town officials when making decisions regarding the options and opportunities for the future of Middletown.

Department services, functions, programs

The Planning Department is primarily responsible for providing staff support to the Planning Board, the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Town Council on issues related to ongoing development and the future of Middletown. Specifically, the department is responsible for the following:

  • Administer the Middletown Subdivision Rules and Regulations
  • Attend all Planning Board meetings
  • Provide advice to the Board on development/planning related issues
  • Review and comment on all subdivision and development requests requiring Planning Board action
  • Review and act on administrative subdivisions
  • Provide guidance and advice to applicants for subdivision/development and to abutters and the general public regarding applications
  • Work with the Planning Board on all proposed revisions to the Comprehensive Community Plan
  • Work with the Planning Board on amending the Subdivision Rules and Regulations
  • Work with the Planning Board on all proposed amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, including providing advisory recommendations to the Town Council
  • Staff the Middletown Economic Development Advisory Committee, and promote appropriate economic development in town.
  • Maintain the town’s geographic information system (GIS)

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