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Planning Board Agendas & Minutes are available from the Middletown Town Clerk:  Clerkbase  and the RI Secretary of State open meetings page:

    Active Agenda Items

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Reference Name Plat Lot(s) Street Address Short Description Plans & materials Meeting Date Details
Jack Gullison Former KJ’s Development Plan Review 115SE 169 59 Aquidneck Ave. Proposed 18-room hotel/ restaurant Site Plan Set Architect Plan Set 1/13/2021 DPR Public Hearing
James Paradise DPR Waiver Request 115 SE 145,
170 Aquidneck Ave. Waiver from Development Plan Review Architectural Plan 10-7-2019

Site Plan 10-7-2019

1/13/2021 Public Hearing
GD Middletown West Main I, LLC DPR Solar 111 9A 1747 West Main Rd. 2.25 mw ground-mounted solar photovoltaic installation Plan set

Project narrative

1/13/2021 DPR

Public Hearing

Newport County YMCA  DPR YMCA Expansion 115 1 792 Valley Rd. Building renovation & expansion, waivers requested Plan Set

Revised renderings 1/6/21

Revised Floor Plans and Elevations 1/6/21


1/13/2021 Public Hearing
James Sullivan Lewis Dr./Bailey Ave. Subdivision 125 950 15 Lewis Dr. Final Subdivision Plan approval Plan Set 12-23-20 1/13/2021
DRAFT Zoning Ord. amendment – Section 306 Development Plan Review changes Modification to review process and thresholds Draft 8-20-2020 Public workshop 1/7/2021
DRAFT Zoning Ord. Amendment Outdoor Lighting Regulations to regulate outdoor lighting DRAFT ordinance 4-21-20 Public workshop 1/7/2021
DRAFT Zoning Ord. Amendment Solar Carports Regulations to address solar carports Draft amendments 12-11-20 1/13/2021 Continued Discussion
DRAFT amendment – subdivision regulations Sec. 301 & 302 submission requirements for conservation subdivision Draft amendments 11-30-20 1/13/2021 Public Hearing

Board Members

To contact members of the Planning Board please submit comments to the Planning Department.

Term Expires
Paul A. Croce Chair 2/2021
John Ciummo 2/2022
Mike Fenton Secretary 2/2023
William J. Nash, Jr. Vice Chair 2/2022
Betty Jane Owen 2/2021
Joseph Pierik 2/2023
Arthur Weber 2/2022


The planning board consists of seven qualified electors appointed by the town council for terms of three years. No member shall serve for more than three consecutive terms without at least a one-year interval before being appointed for an additional term. Persons appointed to the board shall hold no other office in the service of the town.