Planning Department

Active Planning Board Agenda Items

Applications and other matters that the Planning Board is currently considering:

    Agenda Items

Applicant/Item Reference Name Plat Lot(s) Street Address Short Description Plans & materials Meeting Date Details
Horan Building Company Howland Ave/Green End/Vaucluse 129 53 208 Howland Ave 7-lot Major Subdivision, Master Plan Site Plan Set 9-10-2020 11/4/2020 Public Informational Meeting
Jack Gullison Former KJ’s Development Plan Review 115SE 169 59 Aquidneck Ave. Proposed 18-room hotel/ restaurant Site Plan Set Architect Plan Set 11/18/2020 DPR Public Hearing
James Paradise DPR Waiver Request 115 SE 145,146,147 170 Aquidneck Ave. Waiver from Development Plan Review Architectural Plan 10-7-2019

Site Plan 10-7-2019

11/18/2020 Public Hearing
GD Middletown West Main I, LLC Solar 111 9A 1747 West Main Rd. DPR for proposed 2.25 mw ground-mounted solar photovoltaic installation Plan set

Project narrative

11/18/2020 Public Hearing
Newport County YMCA 115 1 792 Valley Rd. DPR for building renovation & expansion, waivers requested Plan Set

Building Elevations

11/4/2020 Public Hearing
DRAFT proposed Zoning Ord. amendment – Section 306 – Development Plan Review Modification to review process and thresholds Draft amendments 8-20-20 11/18/2020 Preliminary discussion
DRAFT Proposed Zoning Ord. Amendment – Outdoor Lighting Regulations to regulate outdoor lighting DRAFT ordinance 4-21-20 11/18/2020 Preliminary Discussion
DRAFT Proposed Zoning Ord. Amendment – Solar Carports Regulations to address solar carports Draft ordinance 4-20-20 11/18/2020 Preliminary Discussion

Copies of proposed plans are available for viewing in the Town Planner’s office, Town Hall, 350 East Main Rd., between the hours of 8:00am & 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.