Planning Department

Active Planning Board Agenda Items

Applications that the Planning Board is currently considering: linked site plans are from original applications only, for updated plans please contact the planning department.


Applicant Reference Name Plat Lot(s) Street Address Short Description Original Submitted Plan Meeting Date Details
Jack Gullison Former KJ’s Development Plan Review 115SE 169 59 Aquidneck Ave. Proposed 18-room hotel/ restaurant Site Plan Set Architect Plan Set 5/13/2020 DPR Public Hearing
Mark Horan Lewis Drive/Bailey Ave 125 950 Lewis Drive 3-Lot Minor Subdivision, Preliminary Plan 02-19-2020
Plan Set
Juan Campos Serenity Drive Master Plan 120 68-A &B Serenity Drive/ Maidford River Road 5-Lot Major Subdivision 02-18-2020
Plan Set
3/11/2020 5-Lot Master Plan approved
James Paradise DPR Waiver Request 115 SE 145,146,147 170 Aquidneck Ave. Waiver from Development Plan Review Architectural Plan 10-7-2019

Site Plan 10-7-2019

5/13/2020 Public Hearing

Copies of proposed plans are available for viewing in the Town Planner’s office, Town Hall, 350 East Main Rd., between the hours of 8:00am & 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.