Planning Department

Application Forms

Complete applications are due to the Planning Department three weeks prior to the Planning Board meeting, regularly scheduled on the second Wednesday of each month. Please see from the Rules and Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land for procedures, design standards, definitions, and more. More information on the Planning Board process is available in the Planning Board Processes – May 15, 2018 presentation.

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision Application Form – Required for all subdivision types

Administrative Subdivision

Administrative subdivisions are reconfigurations of existing lots yielding no additional lots or street extensions. Administrative subdivisions are reviewed and approved the by Town Planner and can be submitted at any time.
Administrative Subdivision Checklist

Minor Subdivision

Minor subdivisions consist of five or fewer units or lots, provided that the proposal does not require any waivers from the Rules and Regulations Regarding Subdivision and Development of Land.
Minor Subdivision Checklist – Preliminary Plan
Minor Subdivision Checklist – Final Plan

Major Subdivision

Major subdivisions consist of six or more units or lots, or are a subdivision of any size that require waivers from the Rules and Regulations Regarding Subdivision and Development of Land.
Major Subdivision Checklist – Master Plan
Major Subdivision Checklist – Preliminary Plan
Major Subdivision Checklist – Final Plan

Development Plan Review Applications

Development Plan Review (DPR) is a procedure for the review of new commercial development and substantial alterations to existing development. All applications for DPR shall be filed with the Zoning Board of Review, and will be referred to the Planning Board and the Technical Review Committee. Additionally, commercial development must comply with Middletown’s Commercial Development Design Standards (section 521) or seek a waiver from the Planning Board.
Applications NOT subject to Development Plan Review (see Zoning Ordinance section 306):
  • Involving only single-family or two-family residential developments
  • Commercial additions less than 1,000 square feet
  • Parking areas (new or expansion) less than 5,000 square feet

Development Plan Review Application
Development Plan Review Checklist
Development Plan Review Compliance Checklist