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To request data or for help with online mapping please contact Rita Lavoie While every reasonable effort has been made to produce high-quality map data, the Town of Middletown provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct, or complete, and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. The Town of Middletown assumes no responsibility for actual or consequential damage incurred as a result of any user’s reliance on this data or information herein, even if the Town of Middletown is advised of the possibility of such damage. These data do not constitute a land survey and are not legally recorded, and are not intended to be used as such. Users are requested to notify the Town of Middletown of any errors or discrepancies found in using the data. The Town of Middletown is providing the data “as is”, without any guarantee of technical support. Lot size labels display map area, which may differ from the tax accessor’s lot size calculations (viewable under parcel details).

Static Maps

Tax Assessor Plat Maps

 Parcels and Zoning Current as of 1/1/2020

Street Index – Streets listed alphabetically with their corresponding plats


Plat_Map_Book_101 Plat_Map_Book_107SE Plat_Map_Book_113 Plat_Map_Book_119 Plat_Map_Book_126
Plat_Map_Book_102 Plat_Map_Book_108 Plat_Map_Book_114 Plat_Map_Book_120 Plat_Map_Book_127
Plat_Map_Book_103_107SW Plat_Map_Book_108NW Plat_Map_Book_115 Plat_Map_Book_121 Plat_Map_Book_128_133
Plat_Map_Book_104 Plat_Map_Book_108SE Plat_Map_Book_115SE Plat_Map_Book_121NW Plat_Map_Book_129
Plat_Map_Book_105 Plat_Map_Book_108SW Plat_Map_Book_116NE Plat_Map_Book_121SW Plat_Map_Book_130
Plat_Map_Book_106 Plat_Map_Book_109_109NE Plat_Map_Book_116NW Plat_Map_Book_122 Plat_Map_Book_131
Plat_Map_Book_107NE Plat_Map_Book_110 Plat_Map_Book_116SE Plat_Map_Book_123 Plat_Map_Book_132
Plat_Map_Book_107NW Plat_Map_Book_111 Plat_Map_Book_117 Plat_Map_Book_124 Plat_Map_Book_128_133
Plat_Map_Book_103_107SW Plat_Map_Book_112 Plat_Map_Book_118 Plat_Map_Book_125


 Street Map (2017): Detailed street map of Middletown with roads by jurisdiction.

 Future Land Use Map (2019 amendment):  The Future Land Use Plan depicts how parcels are used.

Land Use Map(2014): Existing land use map from the 2014 Comprehensive Plan.

FEMA Flood Zones (2017): Flood hazard areas by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


Recreation and Open Space

Recreation & Open Space Map