Planning Department

Public Notice – Potential Zoning Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan Amendments, and other items of public interest

Use the links below to access information regarding proposed amendments to the Middletown Zoning Ordinance, the Middletown Rules & Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land, and the Middletown Comprehensive Community Plan, as well as other items of public interest.

Full-Build Development Impact Study

The Town has contracted with Crossman Engineering to study potential impacts of future development on surface water and ground water resources and traffic. The DRAFT report is available for review here.

Jan. 29th presentations to the Planning Board:

Water Resources Study Presentation

Traffic Study Presentation

During its March 11th meeting, the Planning Board will consider forwarding the final report to the Town Council with recommendations for further action.

Atlantic Beach District Zoning Overlay District

The Town Council has requested that the Planning Board draft a zoning overlay district to cover the Atlantic Beach District area of Middletown. Over the past few months two subcommittees of the Planning Board have worked to develop proposed regulations to address the uses that would be allowed in the district, and the design of buildings, landscaping and signs. A public meeting was held on July 31st (link to presentation below).  Comments were received until August 16, 2019.  The Planning Board presented revised drafts during another public meeting on January 22nd at 6pm (link to presentation below). The Board is in the process of considering input received before finalizing the draft and forwarding to the Town Council.

Jan 22nd public meeting notice

public workshop presentation 7-31-19

Draft ordinance rev. 11-22-2019

Draft use table rev. 9-6-19

Examples of New England Architectural Styles for Discussion


1-22-20 public workshop presentation

Atlantic Beach District/Lower Aquidneck Ave. Roadway Improvements

The Middletown Planning Board hosted a public meeting at 6pm on April 3o, 2018 in the Town Council Chambers to discuss potential improvements to the roadway and streetscape of the lower Aquidneck Ave. area, also referred to as the Atlantic Beach District. The Town’s engineering consultant reviewed preliminary design plans for the proposed improvements, and the Planning Board accepted public comments and questions. The presentation and preliminary concept plans can be viewed by clicking on the links below. The Planning Board’s recommendation to the Town Council is also provided. On June 4, 2018 the Town Council voted to proceed with development of 30% design plans for the streetscapes project. This design work is underway.

Conceptual Streetscape Plans DRAFT 11_8_17

April 30, 2018 public meeting presentation & audience poll results:  Aquid Streetscape DRAFT 04_30_18_FInal_polling

Planning Board Recommendation


Proposed amendments to the Subdivision Regulations

During its August 26, 2019 meeting the Planning Board approved amendments to the Rules and Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land as follows. These amendments have been considered by the Town Council:

Road pavement width:

The Town Council rejected proposed reduced minimum pavement widths requested to reduce impacts, including storm water runoff, as well as reduce development costs.

Application review timeframes:

The Town Council approved the proposed amendments to Article 4 of the Regulations, Sections 405, 406, and 407 to replace the current application review timeframes with references to the applicable sections in state statute (§45-23 RIGL).

Proposed amendments

Fire Protection Measures and Litter Management:

The Town Council approved amendments to the Town of Middletown Rules and Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land as follows:

    1. Proposed new Section 522 – Fire Protection under Article 5 – Required Minimum Standards of Design, to promote enhanced fire protection measures for new development, such as installation of fire hydrants, cisterns and residential fire sprinklers.
    2. Proposed amendments to Section 521.1. E – Infrastructure – To require litter and trash management and bicycle racks on commercial properties as part of the Development Plan Review process.

Drafts of the proposed amendments and the notice for the January 8th hearing are provided below.

DRAFT Section 522 – Fire Protection

Litter Management draft 9-13-19

Jan 8th public hearing notice – Litter

Conservation Subdivision Development:

The Middletown Planning Board on December 11, 2019 adopted the following  amendments to the Regulations regarding conservation subdivisions.

Conservation Regs Article 3 amendments TC adopted 11-4-19

Dec. 11th Public Hearing Notice

Landscaping management plans and performance security

During its March 11th meeting the Planning Board will hold a public hearing to consider amendments to Rules and Regulations Regarding the Subdivision and Development of Land that would include the following:

    1. Insert new section 523 – Landscape maintenance plan, which would require submission and Planning Board approval of an ongoing maintenance plan for all landscaping installed in accordance with the approved landscape plan

The Board recently approved amendments to Article 7, which will be forwarded to the Town Council, to address the following:

      • Add landscaping to specifically require performance and maintenance guarantees, unless work is completed prior to recording the final subdivision plan, or prior to certificate of occupancy in the case of commercial development.
      • Add the Tree Warden as responsible for inspection of landscaping.
      • The amount of security for landscaping, if posted, will be reviewed by the Tree Warden.
      • Introduce a landscaping maintenance bond, which will be posted upon project completion and prior to release of the performance security. Required to equal at least the initial cost of installation and will be held by the town for one year (maximum allowed by state law).

draft 2-10-20

Proposed Voluntary Historic Preservation Incentive Program

The Planning Board is considering recommending creation of voluntary program to incentivize  preservation of Middletown’s historic resources. A public workshop meeting to review the latest draft and accept public input was held on November 19th. The Planning Board is considering additional revisions before forwarding to the Town Council.

Public Workshop Notice

Program Summary

Draft Ordinance, rev. 10-25-2019

Public Meeting presentation 11-19-2019.