Planning Department

Stock Maps


 Street Map (2017): Detailed street map of Middletown with roads by jurisdiction.

Zoning and Plats (2017): Zoning districts and a reference map of Middletown’s plats are shown.

 Future Land Use Map (2019 amendment):  The Future Land Use Plan depicts how parcels are used.

Land Use Map(2014): Existing land use map from the 2014 Comprehensive Plan.


FEMA Flood Zones (2017): Flood hazard areas by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.



Contour Map (2017): Elevation map showing contour lines in 5-foot increments.

Shaded Relief Map (2017): Elevation in feet shown as a shaded relief.

Recreation and Open Space

Recreation & Open Space Map

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photograph Map (2014): Aerial photograph (2014) shown with the 2017 road network.

Aerial Photography Map (1939): Aerial photograph (1939) shown with the 2017 road network.